TEXHA Company offers newest unique equipment for poultry farms which consider all newest world trends in commercial poultry housing

  All equipment for poultry housing and growing meets the high international standards. Poultry farms equipment is a complex product which consists of different systems from feeding system to microclimate system, for making special microclimate in the poultry house.

  All systems intended for modern poultry farms have automated systems for process management and control. It’s possible to decrease material and feed expensiveness of production and increase its profitability using TEXHA’s equipment.

  TEXHA’s special equipment for poultry farms is durable and has long term of exploitation. With its help poultry flock has optimal conditions, which help for increasing of eggs and meat production.

  Laying hens housing is one of the major areas of commercial poultry industry. To get the highest efficiency hens must be kept in comfortable conditions. For laying hens is needed not only a high quality feed and microclimate but also a highly technological cage equipment.

  According to the opinion of domestic and foreign poultry breeders TEXHAS cage equipment for laying hens housing is the one of the best ones on world’s market. During project elaboration specialists of our design bureau takes in to account all wishes and requirements of customers for the technologies of birds housing and maintenance.

  Optimal conditions of poultry housing is achieved due to next factors:
- due to minimal usage of plastic components it is possible to use high pressure hot water power washing and create hygienic conditions for poultry housing;
-    Galvanized steel screen protects the egg from pecking
-    The cage floor grid has the optimal cell size
-    The side partitions are made from galvanized steel. It improves the air conditioning and contributes into healthy microclimate in  the cage
-    The floor grid slope is 7° that allows the egg to roll down freely to the egg-collection belt with a flexible trough that reduces the egg notch at rolling down.

Exploitation longevity
-    The cage equipment is made of high quality steel covered with first class zinc
-    Deflection and bending are excluded due to specific design of the cage
-    The necessary firmness reserve has been provided in the structure
-    The driving gears have hardened sprockets
-    The galvanized fastening details have spring washers
-    The cage floor grid is done from galvanized 2 mm thick wire. Its construction is profoundly firs, so deflection is ruled out

Low exploitation expenses:
-    Energy saving technologies are used in the cage equipment
-    The density of birds housing enables not using regular heating during cold season
-    The lift or elevator egg gathering system helps to reduce the labor expenses
-    The egg transportation from poultry houses to egg store house is done by means of rod-transporters

  The cage equipment for poultry hens housing is designed in consideration to the birds crosses. It gives possibility to use the poultry farm area in optimal way irrespective to the poultry farm size from a small farm to the large poultry combine. It is possible to mount the cage batteries up to 12 tiers. In the one cage might be kept from 9 to 11 hens.  

  In accordance to the quantity of bird places, housing technology, climate conditions and poultry house locality different types of equipment could be chosen. We offer three types of cage equipment for laying hens housing –Universal, Premium and Standard. It is possible to reduce expensiveness of production and get the maintenance stuff labor-savings due to mechanization and automation of feeding, manure removing, eggs collecting and others processes in the poultry house.






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