Production of equipment for poultry farms


   TEXHA International Group of Companies is one of the main players at the industrial poultry market. Upon the past 15 years of work it approved itself as a reliable and stable business partner. Today, the company is developing dynamically, expanding the geography of supplies of equipment of its own production.

   In 2010, TEXHA launched a project of franchising.

   “We launched a project of franchising for the purpose of competent organization of business and promoting of our own brand at the markets all over the world. It took us 5 years to launch the program of franchising. For this we have thoroughly studied and analyzed market opportunities of many countries throughout the world” said General Director of TEXHA Gennadii Malevany in his interview. 

   Company which has an experience in doing business at the field of industrial poultry of certain country can get our franchise. The main features of franchisee for us are fairness and transparency in the partnership.

   Today, on the terms of franchising operate enterprises in China and Russia.

   TEXHA’s franchise package includes:

-         Providing with TEXHA trade mark;

-         Potential market research;

-         Staff training including training in special pilot sites;

-         Assistance of experts in conducting of negotiations;

-         Partisipation in "turnkey" project creation.

   Furthermore, for the successful promotion of products at the market, provides advertising campaign and provides partners with information and analytical support.

   Operation on the terms of franchising will allow you to reach a new level of business, to reduce the risks repeatedly, to use the experience and professional competence of TEXHA.

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