Production of equipment for poultry farms
Today TEXHA is one of the biggest producers of poultry equipment in the world

   TEXHA Production Association is the recognized leader in designing and manufacturing of poultry production equipment for commercial poultry farming. For over 14 years, TEXHA has been offering high-technological chicken farm equipment solutions for poultry farming and management. 

   Our Design Department can introduce innovative chicken  production equipment in accordance with your individual requirements and wishes. TEXHA’s production complexes, equipped with modern machinery, along with a network of service centers and logistics warehouses, makes us one of the leading poultry production equipment suppliers in Europe and beyond. 

   With representatives in eleven countries and equipment deliveries made to 24 countries, we offer poultry equipment for sale to hundreds of poultry farming businesses. TEXHA has put into service more than 1200 projects in European, American, Asian, and African countries. The Company’s achievements in poultry house equipment field have been recognized by the leaders of the industry while the skills and abilities of our professionals have been confirmed by the long-term partnership with our customers.

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Our Projects
Production of security fencing systems and perimeter defense equipment
Production of security fencing systems and perimeter defense equipment
Poultry equipment
Poultry equipment
Equipment for pig
Equipment for pig

Production of security fencing systems and perimeter defense equipment
Production of security fencing systems and perimeter defense equipment
Poultry equipment
Poultry equipment

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Last News
TEXHA will show equipment for laying hens management and broilers growing at VIV China 2018 in Nanjing!

We brought in some important constructive changes to our basic cage equipment for laying hens management. Get the chance to see it - visit our stend.

Schedule of Exhibitions

You won’t find easier way to learn everything about the TEXHA company, its products and services. Here you can see the overview of all exhibitions in which our company will participate, as well as the events organized by the company.

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Our Clients

Welcome to TEXHA’s Poultry Equipment Website.

   Our company is a globally recognized leader in the field of development and production of poultry farming equipment. Within less than 14 years, we have managed to occupy one of the leading positions in the field of commercial poultry equipment manufacturing and have gained recognition among agricultural enterprises of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and Latin Americas.

   The company has an established reputation as the manufacturer of reliable, durable, easy-to-work, and what’s most important, cost-efficient poultry farm equipment for growing broilers and pullets, as well as layers and parent stock management among poultry breeders.

   TEXHA is one of few poultry equipment manufacturers in the world that produce the whole range of equipment for poultry farming. We offer our customers more than 30 models of qualitative poultry equipment at the best price.

   TEXHA offers individual efficient complex solutions for poultry farms of any size and climatic conditions which include: poultry cage systems, systems for feeding and watering, microclimate, lighting and manure evacuating systems.   

   Every customer of our company will feel the ideology of all global production leaders, which is based on the postulate "any failure is the responsibility of the manufacturer". As a poultry equipment manufacturer, we make successful operation of your farm our responsibility.

   Don’t hesitate to contact us to get all necessary information, compare poultry farming equipment prices, and obtain some of the best poultry equipment  at an optimal price.

Broilers Growing

Broilers Growing
Growing Broilers

Broilers Growing
Layers Housing

Broilers Growing

Broilers Growing
Breeders Housing

Broilers Growing
Alternative system
Meet us at  SIPSA-SIMA 2018  in Algiers!
Place: SAFEX Exhibition Park – Algiers, Algeria
Dates: October 08-11
TEXHA booth: 15BIS, Zone C
Join us at  Saudi Agriculture 2018  in Riyadh!
Place: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center
Dates: October 7-10
TEXHA booth: 1B29, Hall 1